Tank Guaging System

Tank gauging system are designed for real time monitoring of inventory in large storage tanks with high accuracy and precision. Inventory can be measured both in volume and mass with applied density correction factor for temperature sensitive materials.

The most common types of tank gauging system are:

Load Cells

Load cells are one of the most common and preferred solution industry especially for mass measurements. They can be used in different configurations depending upon application and required level of accuracy. Right load cell mountings are very critical in these type of systems.

Differential Pressure Transmitter

Differential pressure transmitters are widely used in industry as a low cost solution for inventory measurement. Pressure in liquids varies with depth which can be converted to volume and mass using advanced algorithms.


Magnetostrictive sensors use a steel probe with multiple magnets and a float to measure level. It is best suitable for volume measurements in underground tanks. The probecan also measure temperature of liquids which can be useful for real-time conversion to mass.


Ultrasonic gauges is one of the most common non-contact measurement system. They offer high accuracy and are economical. The only drawback is that they can not be used for materials that are volatile and have fumes.


Radar type are used where non-contact measurement systems are required due to certain limitations. They are fairly expensive but highly accurate and a significant advantage is that the waves are unaffected by fumes.