Process Monitoring

PreciTec Engineering provides multiple process monitoring solutions for oil & gas, chemical, food,
paint, and pharmaceutical industries. These include all critical parameters like flow, pressure,
temperature, level, pH, EC, ORP and density.


Pressure is one the key parameters in process monitoring.There are several types of sensors that include diaphragm type, piezo resistive, capacitive etc.


Temperature measurement is an important feature of industrial processes, several sensors are used for the purpose that include thermocouples, RTD, thermistors, infrared etc.


The density of an aqueous solution is an important factorto be measured in process industries for quality control.


EC (of an aqueous solution) is its capability to conduct electricity based on ionic motion and content. Digital meters control Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) by quantifying Electrical Conductivity (EC).


In industries, pH measurement regulates the behavior of chemical reactions. The applications of pH measurements differ broadly, from cleaning of wastewater to improving the foods and beverages’ flavour and texture.


To control the oxidizing or reducing potential of an aqueous solution sample, ORP is used classically. It is an essential parameter and has a value in the industry level.


Different types of flow meters are used for monitoring flow in industrial processes. Selecting right flow meter for a specific application is key to achieving desired level of accuracy. The most common types are Oval Gear, Turbine, Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic and Coriolis flowmeters.