Process Control

We design multiple process control solutions for oil & gas, chemical, food, paint, and pharmaceutical industries. These includes control valves, actuators, overflow switches and dosing pumps.

Float Switches​

Float switches are a type of level sensor use to prevent overflow in large storage tanks to avoid loss of material or damage to plant equipment.

Dosing Pumps​

Dosing pumps are designed to inject a chemical or any substance into a flow stream. They provide an extremely precise flow rate for maximum control. We deal in all types of dosing pumps that include diaphragm, piston and gear type.

Control Valves​

Used in several applications to control different parameters like flow, temperature, pressure, and liquid levels. The important parts of control valves are body, actuator, and positioner. Depending on application we can select the right valves for you, to ensure longer life and smooth operations. Most common types are globe, gate, butterfly, solenoid and NRV valves.